onsdag, juli 16, 2008

Daffyd 16-jul-08 14:36

Hej hej my darling fita. How are you? Let's hang soon. I miss you loads! And I think you should write your blog in english so I can read it! Kram o puss puss. X.
Anything for you, darling Daff. Even though no one read my blog way back when I did write it in english, but this post is all for you. I miss hanging too, I miss drinks at lunchtime at the mall and taking cheap shots at Mr. Orchface. You saw the fund we started for you? I don't know if Paul's included but I'm sure that can be arranged so he can come too (all over your face, swedish sin style).

I've been worried about you and the rest, I hope you're all safe. Reports from Zim just keep getting worse by the day and I just keep thinking of how worried Greg and Ari must be. Are their families still in Zim? Fuck, man. The world cup is going to be such a bust it's not even funny. What the fuck is wrong with the world? Everything just going to the shitters these days. Recently, the Swedish parliament passed a bill that makes it legal to monitor telephone and internet-traffic under the guise of "national security". Never mind integrity. I feel betrayed and I never thought something liek this could take place i Sweden. Suppose I really am that gullible. And where was the prime minister when this happened? Watching a football game. Knob. He's such a knob. And, not surprising, world favorite George W. Bush recently did the same thing in the U.S. I must write Cath about this, cuz it's seriously twisting my bowels. Feels like the apocalyspe is nigh. Or something like it anyway.

On a more personal note; I can't draw and we'll soon be homeless. Apartmenthunting in this town (no matter how much I love this city) is worse than hemorrhoids. The stress is killing my creativity and I feel pretty much useless. I dreamt about Carrotcock the other night, that he and Miss M got engaged in Maui and the wedding would take place there, but he got cold feet and I beat him to a pulp for it. Later, I was swooshed of into the ocean, fighting my way around rocks and sharks. It was cool, I wasn't scared at all, even though I sort of freak out under water. But in this dream, it warmed me up from the inside. Later, a friend sent me a Youtube clip of this supposed-to-be-extinct shark and all the warm feelings came back. I loved it. Somehow, the thought of so many things being undiscovered still, in the deep sea, comforts me in these weird times. Wonder what Freud would have to say about that?

Not being able to perform artistically has been getting me really down and I've been a real pain in the nuts with M. It amazes me that he, even in my darkest moments, can still find something to love in the grumpy person that has been myself these past few days. He's a real trooper and wonderful as always.

I miss Veronica and Dave. And I miss Lou's cooking to the extreme! And of course, her wonderful self too. And I miss Mbo. Man, sitting on the tram this morning (being hit on by a Venezuelan footballcoach) he just sprang to mind and I missed his little black ass so much. You both have too much style for Africa. You belong in Europe! Why aren't you here!? Give them all my love.

I hope your thesis is coming together and that you and Paul are making each other very happy.
Loads of love, always, and please be safe in these turbulent times,


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Yvette sa...

Men Elin, vad har hänt med ditt mejlkonto? :P

Bråkar bara. Oh, vänta bara tills nästa gång vi pratas vid, du ska få höra snask av både den ena och den andra sorten ;)