fredag, augusti 22, 2008

RE: It's Elin from SWEDEN

Hello cultmembers! With the recent linkage on CWCs realm of cuteness, I figured that it might be best if I jotted down something readable for any eventual non-swedish visitors. Yes, I am kind, not at all whoring for attention. ANYWAY, Chris pretty much covered my life-story and any eventual blanks will be filled in as follows. Yes, you guessed it - pointless trivia comes NOW!

☺I used to work as a phonesexoperator.

☺I was also a politician from the age of 18 to 21

☺I'm a bottle brunette (my actual haircolor is dirty blonde. That's right. DIRTY>=))

☺I used to breed bunnies. Unfortunately, my selection of males were limited and inbreeding occured.

☺My favorite color is orange.

And if this didn't bore you senseless; here's a picture of my dog wearing his Team Satan-shirt.

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laser sa...

Wtf, är din favoritfärg orange?
Trodde jag var ensam…

Elin J sa...

ORANGE you glad you're not alone;P
Nejmen, faktiskt. Det verkar vara rätt ovanligt. Det är ju en rätt aggressiv färg, I guess. Kanske det som avtänder folk.

Yvette sa...

Nero, så jävla söt :D

Elin J sa...

Eller hur? Fast, jag tycker att det är djurplågeri att ta på sina pets kläder, fastän Nero är så jävla obrydd att han bara finner sig i det, but... När karln lix hade tatt på honom var man ju tvungen att fota. Han har inte haft kläder på sig sen det ögonblicket. (Om man inte räknar de behåar han ätit upp för mig, men de får han ju inte PÅ sig:P)

Rae sa...

Hello Elin!
I am Rae, another CWC cult member!
I just wanted to say that my favorite color is orange TOO.

Haha...that was really all.

Sweet job on the shirt, I'm gonna love wearing it!

Elin J sa...

Hey Rae! We are too few followers of orange, that is certain:) I do hope all cultmembers will enjoy their shirt, I know I like mine (so soft)

And, the thing about the bunnies, I'm saying this here (M'lords page seems to think I am spam) was totally accidental and I was like 11.
Although, the gentleman who referred to me as an untapable asshat made me smile for hours on end;)

Gotta love the internet.

ronnie sa...

THANK you for the English, Elin! It was very much appreciated! I am also a CWC crazed cult member, and was very happy to have something English to read on your VERY interesting blog that I can't read. By the way, your English is VERY good! X}
i like towels

Elin J sa...

Ronnie, it was my pleasure. This blog WAS in english when I started it, but my readers all seemed to be swedish so I just didn't see the point anymore. And, I suppose you could use Google's translating function, but it seriously makes me sound like a retard;P

It's like grammar and Google just can't stay friends.

ATSI sa...

Hopefully you can make a t-shirt for guys next time!? I bought the other two, just wish yours came in mens, the pink wouldn;t have bothered me!

Elin J sa...

The original sketches were more unisex, actually. And personally I'd love to make a design that's wearable for anyone. We have talked about it and I wouldn't mind doing another one (or a third one for that matter) so, if the tees do well enough there might be a chance:p Don't take my word for it, tho. Chris has to decide that. But if he asks, I will obey.

Yeah, pink is sexy, but the fit with a lady tee is a bit uncomfortable in the chest area on a guy (from what my man tells me, anyway) unless you're shaped like a noodle:P